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Trial matches v Kariong UFC (Saturday)

posted 5 Mar 2017, 01:24 by Avoca FC   [ updated 6 Mar 2017, 19:46 ]
A preliminary draw for the trial matches against Kariong United FC is posted below. Please keep checking as game times may change and some additional games will be added also. The games will be played at Mount Penang Parklands (not Kariong's home grounds). There is a map on the Fields page.

Field 1 Kar U5-1 Avoca U5S1
Field 2 Kar U5-2 Avoca U5S2
Field 3 Kar U6-1 Avoca U6D1
Field 4 Kar U6-2 Avoca U6D2
Field 5 Kar U6-3 Avoca U6D3

Field 1 Kar U5-3 Kar U51/2???
Field 2 Kar U6-4 Avoca U6D4
Field 3 Kar U6-5 Avoca U6D5
Field 4 Kar U6-6 Avoca U6D6
Field 5 Kar U7S-1 Avoca U7L1

Field 1 Kar U7L-1 Avoca U7L2
Field 2 Kar U7L-2 Avoca U7L3
Field 3 Kar U7L-3 Avoca U7L4
Field 4 Kar U7L-4 Avoca U7T1
Field 5 Kar U7T-1 Avoca U7T2
Field 6 Avoca U7T3 Avoca U7T4


Field 1 Kar U8W-1 Avoca U8W2
Field 2 Kar U8W-2 Avoca U8W3
Field 3 Kar U8J-1 Avoca U8J1

Field 1 Kar U8J-2 Avoca U8J2
Field 2 Avoca U8J3 Avoca U8J4
Field 3 Kar U9A Avoca U9A

Field 1 Avoca U9B1 Avoca U9B2
Field 2 Kar U9C-1 Avoca U9C2
Field 3 Kari U9D Avoca U9C2

Field 1A Kar U10C Avoca U10C
Field 1B Kar U11D Avoca U11C2
Field 2A Kar U11C Avoca U11C1
Field B Kar U11B Avoca U11B

Field 1A Kar U11A Avoca U11A
Field 1B Avoca U10 Avoca U10

Field 2 Kar U12B Avoca U12C

Field 1 Kar U13A Avoca U13A
Field 2 Kar U13C Avoca U13C

Field 1 Avoca to use as required
Field 2 Kar U15A Avoca U15A


Field 1 Kar O35C Avoca O35C

Field 2 Kar U14C Avoca U14C

Field 1 Kar O35D Avoca O35D
Field 2 Avoca O45 Avoca O45
Field 1Kar O35BAvoca O35B
Field 2Avoca O35E Guest O35E