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Trial matches v Kariong FC - Saturday 12th March

posted 5 Mar 2016, 20:53 by Avoca FC   [ updated 9 Mar 2016, 22:18 ]
Trial matches against Kariong FC will be played at the International Football School, Mount Penang. The address and a map of the location of each field within the grounds is provided under the "Fields' tab. Note that trial matches for each team are dependent on the teams Kariong FC have registered.

Cricket Oval    
8:00am Kariong U7 1s  Lobsters V  Avoca U7 Turtle 3s Field 1
  Kariong U7 2s  Lobsters V Avoca U7 Turtle 4s Field 2
  Kariong U7 3s  Lobsters V Avoca U7 Lobster 1s Field 3
  Kariong U7 4s Lobsters  V Avoca U7 Lobster 2s Field 4
8:45am Kariong U7 1s Turtles   V Avoca U7 Turtles 1s Field 1
  Kariong  U7 2s Turtles  v Avoca u7 Turtles 2s Field 2
  Kariong U7 1s Stingray  v Avoca U7 Lobster 3s Field 3
  Kariong U7 2s Stingray  v Avoca U7 Lobster 4s Field 4
9:30am Kariong U6 1s V Avoca U6D1s Field 1
  Kariong U6 2s V Avoca U6D2s Field 2
  Kariong U6 3s  V Avoca U6D3s Field 3
  Kariong U6 4s V Avoca U6D4s Field 4
10:15am Kariong U6 5s V Avoca U6D5s Field 1
  Kariong U6 6s V Avoca U6D6s Field 2
  Kariong U5 2s V Kariong U53s Field 3
  Avoca U6D7s  V Avoca U6D8s Field 4
11:00am Kariong U54s  V Avoca U5S1s Field 1
  Kariong U55s V Avoca U5S2s Field 2
  Kariong U5 6s V Avoca U5S3s Field 3
  Kariong U5 1s V Avoca u5S4s Field 4
12:00pm Avoca U8J3 V Avoca U8J4 Field 1

Avoca U8O2 V Avoca U8O3 Field 2
12:45pm Avoca U9DS-2 V Avoca U9DS-3 Field 1
 Avoca U9BS-2 V Avoca U9CS-2Field 2
1:45pm Terrigal U11A-1 V Avoca U11A Field 1


Café Field 1    
8:00am Kariong U8W1 vs Avoca U8J1 Field 1
  Kariong U8J1 vs Avoca U8J2 Field 2
  Kariong U8O1 vs Avoca U8O1 Field 3
9:00am Kariong U9C vs Avoca U9CS-1 Field 1
  Kariong U9D vs Avoca U9DS-1 Field 2
  Kariong U9A vs Avoca U9A Field 2
10:00am Kariong U10A vs Avoca U10A Field 1
  Kariong U10B-1 vs Avoca U10B-1 Field 2
11:00am Kariong U10B vs Avoca U10B-2 Field 1
  Kariong U10D vs Avoca U10C-1 Field 2
12:00pm Kariong U13E vs Avoca U13C Field 1
1:15pm Terrigal U12A vs Avoca U12A Field 1
2:30pm Avoca 13A vs Southern Ettalong U13A Field 1

Café Field 2    
9:00am Kariong U11B vs Avoca U11C  
 Kariong U11D vs Avoca U10C-2 
10:15am Kariong U12C vs Avoca U12C  
12:00pm Kariong U13B vs Avoca U13B  
1:15pm Kariong U14A vs Avoca U14A  
2:30pm Avoca 15A vs Southern Ettalong U15A  

Main Oval    
8:00am Kariong U15B vs Avoca U15B  
9:30am Kariong U16B vs Avoca U16A  
11:00am Avoca O45BN vs Avoca O45BS  
12:30pm Kariong O35B vs Avoca O35B  
2:00pm Kariong O35C vs Avoca O35C  
3:30pm Kariong O35D vs Avoca O35D